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I am dead keen to grow fruit and veg.

Now this year in the Dundee Flower and Food festival they have a lot of categories that complete amateurs (novices?) can enter.

I am considering carrots, peas, chillies, potatoes, courgettes and possibly melons in the "other fruits" category (depending how they turn out). I suspect my strawberries and raspberries will have been and gone by then (Start of September) and my apple trees most likely won't fruit this year as they are still getting established. ( Giàn phơi thông minh)

problem is I have chosen my varieties already and most of them are heritage types chosen for flavour and so I can save the seed and know what I'm getting. Also most of these should survive better in my weather! So no Show Perfection or anything like that. I want to stick with them and see how I get on anyway

Any advice? Even if it's something seemingly really obvious like what judges might look for or a growing method that is far superior to any other as I've never really grown anything by the book and tend to just throw them in and see how I go (bit haphazard to win anything I know).

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I am dead??????????[confused][confused][confused] [image] 
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thanks yours share is very usefull
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