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My dreams tend to be rather practical (sometimes to my annoyance!)
I usually review something aimlessly happening in my life, for better or worse.

Last night's garden dream was so neat, I hope it is a prediction, or foreshadowing.

About a week ago, I unreasonably transplanted a mature Blue Hibiscus, and was distressed that it didn't "bring", since I usually have good luck transplanting. I hovered over it for a week, but no luck. When I went to buy a new one, and told the nursery guy about my mishap, he asked if I had pruned it back. Oy! I had forgotten the obvious!
I rushed home and reproachfully pruned it appropriately.

Then went to sleep and dreamed that it was putting out BIG green leaves , more like a Bird of Paradise (Strelizia) than the tiny, serrated leaves of a Blue Hibiscus. Which is interesting, because I just had a very old and well-established Bird of Paradise puled out of that site! Maybe a *crie de coeur* from the BP remnants filling the yard waste barel in the alley....

Whatever. I hope it's a good sign!

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