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Today I put together 2 quick compost bins. I had been reading a lot about composting and have been wanting to do it "right" for several years. The goal was to make a 3x3x3 bin that I could easily turn over. I used 4 metal fence steaks and 9.5 feet of plastic fencing for each bin. The fence is simply hooked on the the clips of the fence steaks so that it can be easily removed. The plan is to remove the fence and steaks and rebuild a new bin next to the old one. Then I will just shovel the pile into the new bin. I am hoping to do this once every week to two weeks to keep everything aerated and mixed.

Each bin is layered with last falls leaves and this springs lawn clippings. Luckily there was a ton of worms already working on the leaves that have been decomposing all year. In between the layers are kitchen and garden scraps. Hopefully I will be enjoying rich compost by the end of the summer!

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Nice! [thumb]
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