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Hello to everyone here, im new to this group.I hope to learn lots and contribute lots as well.

I give ya all a little run down about my family's urbarn farm. We currently reside in Ontario Canada. We do live in the city all while raising chickens, rabbits and grow 2 large veggie gardens between 2 back yards. We started the "new" garden this spring.Loaded it up with about 5 inches of fresh compost and rabbit manure. Anyway we planted a large row of tomatoes, they were looking amazing. Went away on holidays and came home to a wilted plant turned brown. I can honestly say with all the years of experience of growing food I have never run into this before. There was intense heat for about 10 days straight. However I had them watered with drip irrigarors on the same schedule they had been on all summer. I use the rainbrd system. the rest of the 2 gardens are doing amazing. this is just attacking the tomatoes? We feed regularly with home brewed compost tea. We grow all our food organically. Can anyone here help at all?

Thanks in advance, Ron





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