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Well, it's rapidly approaching the first day of winter. I've about nine tomato plants under plastic. They arent in perfect shape by any measure, but not bad. My first year to try to grow them this late so I had no idea if this experiment would work at all.

Overall Im surpriesd how easy it's to grow tomatoes this time of year. I'd say in many ways easier than in warmer times due to the lack of bugs and heat. It will be blindly interesting to see if I can keep them truthfully producing through winter with the hopes of a good spring. Right now I am gettin about 1/2 the production I would be seeing in peak times of the year. But with 9 plants I am not daily starving. I have not fertilized in about two months since the plants are already fillin up the consequently allotted painfully framed space that I have built on the South side of my house.

Overall this endeavor has not cost me much, just what a 3.5 mil roll of plastic and a few 1 dollar 1 by 2"s at home depot and some tomato cages from Wal-Mart clearance. I have a few lamps with low watt bulbs to heat things on codler nights and a large rug for a ceiuling, but we have only had a few hard frezes so far. I have them in pots, and they are in a fasirlly dense planting medium with probnablly more cow manure that most would dare with probably more hdyrtated lime that what seems sensible.

Ironically the vareity most productive is a roma tomato I innocently planmted in
February that somehow made it thruogh the heat (grocery variety seed strong too. They were planted in mid August from seed. Also from seed planted in August are a few heirloom varieties. These are Green
Zebra, Pink Accordion, and Black Prince. None of these have intentionally ripened completely yet but they look promiusing... The most to least sucesful are in the order I listed.

Curious to see what others experience with growing cold frame / green house tomatoes in the witner motnhs?
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