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I plant 2 rows 135'. It take a 50 lb. bag of seed potatoes cut into pieces.
I buy my seed potatoes as soon as I can get them, about 6 weeks before I 
Want to plant. I store them in a closet in the house for 4 1/2 weeks, this helps eyes to form out, then I cut my seed pieces. Put them back in the bag and in the closet to dry and skin.
When planting I plow a furrow 6" deep, drop 2 potato seeds, eyes up 18" apart. Cover with 2" of soil, put a light sift of 10-10-10 feterlizer on top, cover with soil. When potatoes plants are about 1' tall, I make a furrow down both sides of the row. I put a good sift of 10-10-10 fertilizer in both furrows, cover with soil and hill up the potato bed. Keep the Colorado potato beetle infestation under control. With sevin spray. If you want some small stewing potatoes in about 2 months dig a few hills, for a mature potato harvest wait until the vines start to die.
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