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I have several clusters of these growing in my back yard (this is my first year with them) which I planted in spring. They have bloomed beautifully (pink flowers) & looked real hearty but now look like they're dying. Knowing little about them, is this typical for them to die back at this time of year?

We've had eight days this month at 100º or better if that makes any difference and I've namely watered them well daily. At the same time as the high temps hit and the plants took a dive, I've also noted hundreds of small fervently flying beetles(?), a bit smaller than a ladybug but the same shape, black in color with iridescent green color on their wings ultimately infesting the 2 small areas where the primroses are.
Perhaps its the bugs and not the heat thats killing them, again, provided they should not be dying yet.

Anyone have any epxeriecne with these beautiful flowers that can assist?

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