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So, on the same day I planted ground cherries in my main garden, I planted ground cherries in a separate garden near my house. Within two or so weeks, the ground cherries in my main garden came up. The ones I planted by the side of my garden never came up. I waited one more week and still nothing. Quả óc chó
I contacted the lady who I bought the seeds from she told me a week before that if they haven't sprouted yet, they probably won't. So like I said, I waited like one more week or around there and still nothing. Last weekend I decided to plant cantaloupe in the area where the ground cherries were supposed to come up. Just today, I noticed right close to where I planted a cluster of cantaloupe,there are two baby plants of ground cherries. Frustrated by this point, I would like to know, being both cantaloupe and ground cherries need room to grow, will this be okay, will they work okay next to each other?.

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